The arrested police officer Josip Baric, in the “Memic” case, was ordered to be detained for one month

Josip Baric was ordered to be detained for one month. Current number: 3 (dad + 2). Total: 3

Let’s go to the end ❗Justice for Dzenan Memic ❗❗❗JUSTICE FOR DAVID ❗❗❗ – wrote the sister of the murdered Dzenan Memic, Arijana Memic on her Facebook profile .

Judge of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Hasija Masovic, at the suggestion of prosecutor Cazim Hasanspahic, ordered a one-month detention for Josip Baric, who is charged with not taking out Alisa Mutap’s bloody sweater, which could be the crowning proof in proving the murder of Dzenan Memic. We remind you that a hearing was held yesterday to order custody, and the prosecutor referred in his explanation to the official note made by Baric on the seizure of Dzenan and Alisa’s clothes.

It is an extensive investigation. It has been extended to six more people. The suspect failed to take out the bloody sweater of Alisa Mutap, which was later returned to her family from hospital and was destroyed. That bloody part was cut with scissors – said prosecutor Hasanspahic yesterday.

He stated that the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has already provided protection for six witnesses.

The suspect would certainly influence witnesses if he remains at large. Why Dzenan’s complete attire is exempt. Even socks, and Alice’s not and those who have conducted the investigation so far shoud be ashamed. A bag full of clothes was taken from Dzenan, and only black jeans and a leather jacket were taken from Alisa Mutap. Maybe traces from that sweater would lead to the perpetrator. There were not enough marks on the leather jacket to determine anything. Why the suspect treated Dzenan and Alice differently when it came to seizing clothes. Witnesses have fully confirmed this and we have their testimonies. These are criminal acts that they committed as a group – Hasanspahic stated yesterday.

The prosecutor said yesterday that the suspects in this case had previously offered money for evidence and that they had planted evidence, and suggested that Baric be remanded in custody for all detention reasons.

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