Tadic for N1: Whatever the decision, I have the right to appeal

Today, in the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC), the Second Instance Disciplinary Commission considered the dismissal of the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH Gordana Tadic, who commented for N1 whether she was aware of the decision and what her next steps were.

“I did not receive a decision, nor was I informed about anything. Whatever it is, I have the right to appeal to the HJPC. This issue should be addressed to the HJPC. I would also like to know what is happening, “Tadic told us.

For N1, the press department of the HJPC confirmed that today, any decision to be made for procedural reasons (drafting decisions and other procedures) will not be published today. Contacting the members of the Second Instance Commission, they did not want to “comment on individual decisions”, although it is about the position of the Chief State Prosecutor and the huge interest of the public.

Her attorney, Vlado Adamovic, said that he did not expect a decision today, given the fact that last time they strongly opposed the way in which that decision came to them, and that is exactly why he believes that the HJPC is silent.

We remind you that the First Instance Commission of the HJPC decided to relieve Tadic of these duties because, as they stated, she committed disciplinary offenses related to the automatic assignment of criminal cases and security checks.

Then they pronounced the measure: Transfer from the position of Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the position of Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order for the decision to become final, it is necessary for it to be confirmed by the Second Instance Commission of the HJPC.


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