Supplement to criminal charges against police officers

Justice for  David activists filed a criminal complaint against police officers of the Republic of Srpska’s Ministry of the Interior in February 2020 on suspicion of committing the crime of “Violation of Citizens’ Equality” under Article 139, paragraph 3, of the Republic of Srpska’s Criminal Code.

A year has passed since the criminal charges were filed, and no feedback has been received. The Association of Citizens “The Path of Justice” Banja Luka, founded by some human rights activists “Justice for David” sent a request to the District Public Prosecutor’s Office Banja Luka for access to information.

In addition to the request, Justice for  David activists submitted new evidence related to the verdict of the Basic Court in Banja Luka. The verdict established continuous and direct discrimination against the activists of Justice for David by the institutions of the Republic of Srpska. Discrimination is carried out exclusively against Justice for David activists through the Republic of Srpska’s  Ministry of Interior.

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