The Song “Child in the ghetto” was written by David Dragičević at the age of 16. Among other things, the song deals with the topics of growing up in a demanding environment that does not offer optimistic perspectives for young individuals. After David’s assassination and the beginning of the first, civilan protests “Justice for David”, this song became the informal anthem of this global movement.

It is hard, growing up in my neighborhood

Everything  you do is sinful 

It is funny to be honorable

But realize from the road you can’t escape

You will have a problem every time, but this time bigger

Only the strongest survive and there are only a few of them left 

The police sirens are heard, my heart stopped but this has already become normal here

The cops are circling, arresting, we slow down the game a bit

When the dust settles, the end gets even worse

After a few minutes, the phone rings again

If you don’t know how to play, the night will swallow you

Because here, only the dealer has the power

I don’t feel like the same person anymore. I disgust myself, how could I not to?

You are taking some staff, in order to destroy reality

When you’re sober reality catches up with you again

Doomed since ancient times

We don’t even know we hit rock bottom

The feeling that we are up but never moved

We are constantly dragging ourselves along the same blocks, our way out bro, is just the filter we use

Same people with the same problems in their heads

With the same blurred goal on their minds on weed

An adolescent without a goal in life, sells small packages to take a hundred

But this time it’s a one way street, either you go into the box or you’re greeted by the courtroom

Looks like I won’t get far because I’m just a play figure in this story, I’m not going anywhere I’ve done damage because I’m just another kid from the ghetto…

We will push out through this ghetto, I don’t seem to care because no love for ghetto is worth it

People only pull the worst out of you, a smile on their face when they see you`r falling down, they destroy your dreams and then they pretend they love you

I don’t give a crap for people like this. I remember things when I was a child  and I realize how much the road fucks you, it rips a part of you and you get fucked

All this shit because of respect and the love for life that is getting smaller

Life has a lot to offer. But it also has its shortcomings, I lost my brother and I have a sick father.

i`m just waiting for death to knock on my door

And there are no days when there is no marijuana in my head

Because my soul is hungry for it

Because here everyone touches hell, rarely has someone didn’t cry and the years are passing, but nothing changes

Behind all these years there is only one shadow

It’s important to listen to Hip-Hop, love for everyone for whom this culture is life itself. I don’t want to sleep because I don’t want to die young, to rot in the ground

But at least I found out on the street what love is and found my first real friend

No other story is so important, I won’t change my city Banja Luka

This is the one city, just the one… just the one…

Looks like I won’t get far because I’m just a play figure in this story, I’m not going anywhere I’ve done damage because I’m just another kid from the ghetto…

Sara Rajak, Nn, Bogi, B – TON (Danza & Djakac)
Recorded At Banja Luka