Solomon Samuel is one of us and we thank him for that

Until the brutal police action on December 25, 2018, which aimed to destroy the Justice for David and completely quell any rebellion caused by the murder of David Dragicevic, spontaneous rallies in support of David’s parents were held in the central city square. The rallies were, above all, peaceful, emotional, with a clear request to political and judicial officials to answer questions. Who killed David? Who is protecting the killers and why?
In those days and months, an incredible constellation of incredible people marched across Banja Luka’s town square. People from almost all over the world who recognized the moral side of the struggle for truth and justice.

One of such amazing and great people is certainly the Indian Solomon Samuel. With his appearance and sincerity, he soon won the sympathy of the citizens.

Who is Solomon and how did he get in Banja Luka? Solomon Samuel was tied to Banja Luka businessly years before Justice for David. He worked as a programmer and IT expert. And as is usually the case, a long-term emotional relationship with a girl has emerged. He came to the square, like most other citizens, to find out first hand what is happening, but also to support the parents of the murdered young man.

However, the insane regime, using the public service and hiring its quasi security experts, as well as through the highest RS officials, places and elaborates on the theory of the “orange” revolution supported by foreign services. This is how the fairy tale about the alleged 40 British agents is created, which the media use every day with the aim of diverting attention from the unpunished murder to the alleged threat to RS. They never provided proof of their false constructions, but they accused the Indian Solomon of being a British agent. Of course, apart from empty words, they had no evidence for this claim. Because of such a claim, which unreasonably put a target on his forehead, Solomon folded the sheet and sued the Public Service, that is, the house of untruth RTRS.
The court procedure on Solomon’s lawsuit will be held on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, in the Basic Court in Banja Luka.

Of the 40 fictional British agents, nothing remains but lies. And we ask the regime what will we do with the services of the neighboring countries of Serbia and Croatia, which were and still are actively involved in covering up the murder in order to protect high-ranking political and police-judicial officials who are connected to the murder and cover-up of David Dragicevic’s murder. But this is a topic for some of the following texts because the truth always finds its way.

Solomon Samuel, we wish you good luck because you did not deserve persecution by those who provide institutional protection to the murderers of David Dragicevic.


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