Slavica Serdar Tomić: Justice for David has become a symbol of justice for human dignity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the coming period, you will have the opportunity to read interviews of human rights activists Justice for David from different countries of the world. One of our prominent activists is Slavica Serdar Tomic. Our dear Slavica secured the financing of a large number of activities through a series of humanitarian actions. In the interview for our portal, Slavica points out the motives for joining our fight, as well as the projects that she designed and realized herself.

When did you join the “Justice for David” human rights activists? – I joined the group “Justice for David” at the beginning of May 2018.

What were your motives, in what way did “Justice for David” inspire you?

I believe that there is no greater motive in the fight to discover the murder of a child than being a parent yourself. I’m not even sure how I got inspiration anymore. From the desire to help the people who stand in the Krajina Square every day despite the turmoil of police officers in a way that was currently available to me. Following the events from Banja Luka regularly via live stream, I was instructed on how I can contribute to that fight. At the time of the COVID19 virus pandemic, when we were required to wear masks, I, as a seamstress, decided to mark the part of the mask I sew with the David logo. Somehow, it’s like David himself is my inspiration.

What does “Justice for David” mean to you in general terms, share with us positive and negative experiences?

A little too broad question, but Justice for David is no longer just justice for a murdered student. Justice for David has become a symbol of justice for human dignity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has become a struggle of man against non-man, a struggle of good over evil. As for the negative experiences, I would certainly present the events (which I witnessed) on December 30, 2018, where we saw the force shown over the arrest of Justice activists for David. I think I have already answered this question, but I think that the ideas that I am currently implementing, and which will see you soon in the next action, I get as much from the desire to get justice for David as much from David himself.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​making masks with “Justice for David” motifs?

The realization of the “mask” project was divided into two parts. After I decided to sew a couple of pieces for activists in Banja Luka during the obligatory wearing of masks and to offer my services to people through my Facebook page, the idea somehow arose in my head that this obligation could become much more humane. I presented to Mr. Philipp Rieder who is the head of the pharmacy in the place where I live his idea, to which he (thank him again) agreed and we started work. I would sew masks at night, take the masks to the pharmacy at dawn, sleep for an hour, and then go to work. And so every night. The masks had no price but the people who bought the masks gave as much money as they could or wanted to set aside. Part of that amount went to the treatment of children with cancer, and the other part I forwarded to Banja Luka. There were plenty of sleepless nights, but I’m glad the realization was a success. I bought the material online, (with the financial support of my husband, who has been my great support since day one), I mostly managed.

Do you remain involved in our activities?

I think that question is unnecessary. With Justice for David, I stood as a parent with parents who had cruelly lost their child. My activity unfortunately can’t lessen their pain, but it’s certainly a satisfaction to me to know that I gave myself through the segments as best I could. My actions are not over, but moreover I continue them further through some new ideas that you will have the opportunity to see soon. I’m here, and I’m staying there, until the end!

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