Selfless help from Slavica Serdar to “Justice for David”

Slavica Serdar, is a member of the group “Justice for David”, and she has organized various actions in recent years to help the activities of this group, and today the activities of the citizens’ association “Path of Justice”.

Her diligent hands sewed a number of protective masks, T-shirts and made a number of other items with the David’s logo that you can find in her handicraft collection. Until now, Slavica has passed all the income from the production to the fight for truth and justice about the suffering of David Dragicevic.

We received all the praise from the citizens’ association “Path of Justice” for Slavica as well as for her handicraft, because as they say, this is the only income that comes to the association through donations, considering that the association itself does not have a membership fee. In this association, they point out that all their activities are voluntary, ie based on a voluntary basis.

“Thanks again to our Slavica for the selfless support she provides to both the group Justice for David and the citizen’s association “Path of Justice”. We also want to thank all the members of the group who, by donating and through the actions organized by Slavica, help the functioning and work of this group, as well as the associations, “they point out in the “Path of justice”.

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