Every day we witness how the journalistic profession has fallen to very low ebb. The reason for this lies in the fact that very few media operate freely today. Most media, from public services to some private media that declare themselves as independent, are everything but independent. The owners of these media usually belong to one political option and appoint people who are either like-minded or mere executors and blind followers of any directive that comes from the center of political power.

Today, the group Justice for David held a press conference in front of the Republic of Srpska Public Service on the occasion of marking the day of media freedom. At that conference, we reminded the public of all the constructions and horrible lies that this television company placed before the public. Trying to present a pure, fair and non-violent fight for the truth about the murder of David Dragicevic as a colored revolution directed against the institutions of Republi c of Srpska. Not thinking that such lies were an open call for a lynching of the activists. We cannot help but remember the fierce party soldier who openly threatened to fire from RPG on the square and to kill Davor and members of the Justice for David group. RTRS did not evem mention or warn of the threat of a terrorist act. And with this reporting, they motivated such sick minds to commit crimes directed against the Justice for David.

For some of such disgusting reports, RTRS was punished by the Media Regulatory Agency. Regardless of all the facts, today, after the conference, some journalists of this factory made comments. And as masters of deception and substitution of theses, they argued that the courts did not find their guilt. Gentlemen, the courts have so far determined only the guilt of the members of the Justice for David group. And they didn’t find any guilt what so ever. Everyone is released. The courts will only deal with your guilt, be sure.

You have not and will not be forgotten and you will not be able to avoid the legal punishment. It is pointless for you to justify yourself now and deceive the public that you are being targeted. If you consider legal liability and the lawsuits that await you as a target, we must inform you that it is not the target but the rule of law. You are not aware of how quickly changes will come that will lead to your responsibility for every lie told. Even for today’s lies when you re-asserted that they were some kind of mercenaries. A month ago, we wrote about how we have information that you plan to activate your sick theories about the color revolution and mercenaries. In the past few days, and especially today, that turned out to be true. That claim, gentlemen, will have to be proven in court. You will not be able to do that, so it is normal that you will be convicted and characterized as a factory of lies. Which you are.


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