It has been four years since David Dragicevic disappeared in the Center of Banja Luka.

If we ask ourselves what has changed from March 18, 2018 until today, we will tell you out loud “Nothing”.

David is gone, missing, searched for six days, the same number of nights. Found after six days DEAD. Someone played God and gave himself the right to end one youth, ruin one family, destroy one father, freeze the heart of one mother forever and deprive one sister of her best years as well as her little brother’s upbringing.

That someone who dared to play God and after four years walks freely along the streets of a city whose face changed forever that very night.

What are you doing? Maybe you want to destroy that little bit of hope left in people!

Four years is too much and too long. For three years, the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka, with all its eligible prosecutors, served as an instrument of the rotten system in order to cover up the fact that David was killed as much as possible.

For three years they lied to everyone. Father, mother, sister, friends, citizens. They lied, but failed to lie because truth is a stronger weapon than their corrupt lies, dirty money, imposed positions.

Lies and false processes have been going on for three years in a row. Parents who lost their most precious things were accused, and criminals who killed David were defended. Those who accused their parents and friends have failed in their plan and it is that ray of light that sincere Justice fighters for David will cling to.

After three years of inaction, cover-up, fabrication of lies and false witnesses on the initiative of true fighters of Justice for David, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH first seized the case for inspection, and shortly afterwards took over the case from the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka.

We rightly ask ourselves “Why did you take over the case”? A year has passed and still NOTHING, That glimmer of hope that hovers in the air that there is a judicial system in Bosnia and Herzegovina is slowly disappearing.

We are aware that many years of cover-up have caused great damage and make the investigation much more difficult, but a year has passed. It is a lot of days without a concrete result.

We cannot understand because it is not reasonable not to respect the decision of the Constitutional Court in which, after the adopted appeal of the parents’ lawyer, it was said that the basic human right was violated. The right to life. It was even said in that appeal that OJT BL did not conduct an adequate investigation.

All that was just said and written. Democracy, the right to life are obviously just a dead letter on paper in the entire Bosnian system.

We, as ordinary citizens of this country, clearly see in this rotten system how difficult it is to be a frequent and honest prosecutor and judge. Because if there were such cases of the murder of David Dragicevic, but also Dzenan Memic, they would not be over, but the killers would have been in the darkest places in this country for a long time. If we had such judicial institutions, the accomplices would not even exist, because it would be clear what the law is and what the order is.

End these agonies of life that last six years in the Memic case and four years in the Dragicevic case. Stop being similar. Gather your courage and say “Enough” to this ridiculous system that has perverted every moral value. Solve Dzenan’s murder. Solve David’s murder. You are working according to the letter of the law, the right to justice, because that is the least that these two young guys deserved from the leading institutions of the judicial system in this country of ours.

In the end, we will clearly tell you “Solve the Dragicevic and Memic cases”. On the day when justice is served in these two brutal insidious murders, judicial reform will not be necessary, because then systemic elimination will eradicate the abuse of justice for political and elite purposes.

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