Prosecutor Aleksandar Simonović responded to the letter after a year

1110 days of Justice for David. Unfortunately, so many days are being celebrated and there is still no justice and truth. During the daily gathering, the president of the political party “Movement of Justice”, Ozren Perduv, gave a statement:

“Today, Zaim Šibić and I, Ozren Perduv, received acquittals for those repeated trials. Those trials took place sometime near the end of March the 23th and 24th. And now we are released for I don’t know how many times. We assume that the Ministry of the Interior will appeal again. “

“There is something else, but first I have to make an introduction.

Sofia, together with Aleksandar, filed a criminal complaint against Mišo Wolf and the others, because they were arrested on November the 30th 2019. A lawsuit for discrimination was filed with the Basic Court, and then that lawsuit was expanded with additional evidence. The Basic Court passed a verdict where it accepted the lawsuit and stated that continuous, multiple and direct discrimination against Sofia and Alexandra had been committed. The two of them also filed criminal charges against Mišo Wolf and the others, specifically because of that event. That lawsuit was filed on February the 14th 2020. So it’s been over a year.

We found out the number of cases and who is the acting prosecutor in that case, Aleksandar Simonović.

Sofia is on February the 25th 2021 sent a letter to the prosecutor Aleksandar Simonović asking for information on what was happening with the case and at what stage the case was. And this is really amazing, Sofia received an answer from Aleksandar Simonović in which he says the following:

“We would like to inform you that the District Public Prosecutor’s Office has sent a request to collect the necessary information, notices and statements for the Banja Luka Police Department.”

“So after a year, and after Sofia asked him what was happening with the case, he stated that a request had been sent to collect the necessary information and notifications. I really can’t believe this. A year has passed and what this man did, nothing, sent a request. He was supposed to do this as soon as he received the case and get feedback within 7 days.

The question is when he sent that request to the police at all. This is amazing. Instead of certain people being deprived of their liberty, some people being detained, an indictment being prepared, being sent to court, etc. 

My advice is for Sofia to call this Simonović, and we will come in front of the Prosecutor’s Office because of Aleksandar. We will call the media and show you what he answered in this letter and report it to the office of the disciplinary prosecutor and we will mention that to him in the next letter. We will hold protests in front of the Prosecutor’s Office. We will. So let them call the police they sent the request to. This is a real shame. Disaster. And at the same time, the Basic Court finished everything. There was also a preparatory hearing and a main hearing and a closing argument and a verdict was passed. And this man, Aleksandar Simonović, made a request there, and we only found out after you asked and sent a letter. That would be it for tonight.

Thank you and see you tomorrow, in the same place at the same time. ”

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