Dear media representatives,

1/8/2020 we filed a criminal complaint with the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka against 9 police officers of the Police Administration of Banja Luka on suspicion that on the night of December 30, 2018. committed the criminal offense of Unlawful Deprivation of Liberty.

Months and months passed away , but we received no feedback.

A year has passed and there has been no prosecutorial decision.

That is why we are 26.5.2021 the Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor filed a complaint against the acting prosecutor Gordana Mijatovic, who received the aforementioned criminal report.

Yesterday, after nine months, we received a Notice from the Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor (attached), which shocked and completely disappointed us.

We have been informed that our complaint has been dismissed.

It was written to us that our criminal report was not even in the resolution plan for the period from 2020 to 2022. Despite that, prosecutor Gordana Mijatovic still, as it is stated, undertook some investigative actions.

And what now? We should be satisfied that she undertook anything, even though she did not have to, because the plan did not even foresee that.

It has been more than TWO YEARS since the filing of the criminal complaint.

There is still no prosecutor’s decision.

What is this message to the citizens?

From whom should citizens expect and receive protection?

Instead of it being in the interest of the “state” to determine as soon as possible whether the police committed a crime or not, they are doing just the opposite.

On the scene, we have an obvious joint criminal enterprise “institutions” against disenfranchised citizens!

There are all chances that we will have to demand our rights on the street.

Because, legally, peacefully and with dignity, it no longer seems to work.

They can, because we allowed them to.

With respect,

Informal Citizens’ Group “Justice for David”

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