700 Days of Justice for David Citizens Group

The informal group Justice for David today marks exactly 700 days since the first gathering of the Dragicevic family and citizens in Banja Luka’s Krajina Square. Unfortunately, the group reports, and after 700 days the institutions remain silent about the case.

We hope that the dial today showing number 700 will finally stop and that the murderers, those who cover up the crime and who persecute and discriminate against people, will finally be brought to justice, according to the Justice Group for David. They point out that persecution and discrimination against citizens supporting the Dragicevic family has not stopped. The penalties they received for commemorating 600 days of reunion are proof of this.  

“We then called the press before the BL District Public Prosecutor’s Office a month after that, we received a misdemeanor warrant of 500 marks for allegedly illegally holding a public rally, which was only a press. Now, the 700-day story that has marked the past 100 days is a lawsuit against people who support the Dragicevic family, “says Ozren Perduv, in front of Justice for David.

In a statement they sent to the media on the occasion of the 700 days of the gathering, they also gave a brief overview of the important events that took place from 600 to the present 700 days. They include, among other things, the founding assembly of the Justice Movement, a political organization that aims to politically fight for truth and justice and protect people who are said to be under attack by the regime. They also made a cross-section of court proceedings.

Disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against Dalibor Vreja, the acting prosecutor in the Dragicevic case. The outcome of the procedure is still unknown.

Several court misdemeanor proceedings have been initiated against a number of people in support of the Dragicevic family. Each of these proceedings was postponed indefinitely since the MUP did not provide the defendants with video materials. Three months have passed since then, and there are no further court proceedings. 

The libel suit filed by Djordje Radjen (the owner of the allegedly robbed house on Velibora Janjetovic Janje Street) was completely dismissed before the Basic Court in Banja Luka.

He began a marathon of lawsuits over the cry of “Justice”, which allegedly violated public order and peace and, according to police, harassed citizens. The Banja Luka Basic Court acquitted all people tried so far. The court proceedings continue.

Justice for David reminds that they have filed criminal charges against police officers and say that, despite the numerous attacks on them as a group and the trials, they will not give up the fight for truth and justice.

“We have filed two misdemeanor charges against 14 police officers on suspicion of having committed the criminal offenses of Unlawful Deprivation of Liberty and Violation of Citizens’ Equality.” We will continue the fight as long as the killers and those who cover up the crime and repress and discriminate against people are not brought to justice, “Perduv says.

The Justice for David group was formed to shed light on the disappearance and murder of David Dragicevic, a twenty-one-year-old Banja Luka man who disappeared on the night of March 18, and his lifeless body was found on March 24, 2018 at the mouth of the Church in Vrbas.

The citizens had their first gathering on Krajina Square on March 26th. Although they were banned from gathering in Banja Luka Square last year, citizens and the Justice for David group have since been gathering daily in the park next to Christ the Savior Temple. 

Source: https://www.rtvbn.com/

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