The political party “Movement of Justice” was founded by the activists of the informal group “Justice for David”. The founding assembly of the political party “Movement of Justice” was held in December 2019. The long and unexpectedly difficult journey from the Founding Assembly to the present day has been successfully completed with the release of the official Application Form for membership in the political party “Movement of Justice”.

The official website of the “Movement of Justice” and the online Application Form through which you can access are available at the link

Completing the online Application Form is a step towards official membership in the Movement, which you gain by signing the Application Form in the Movement’s office. If you have any problems or ambiguities when filling out the Application Form, you can contact us or come to the office in person. You can also fill out and sign the Application Form in the Movement’s office.

From tomorrow, 08.06. this year, the doors of the office will be open to all of you who want to become members of the “Justice Movement” and support us in the common struggle for Truth and Justice. Also, you can give your signature of support to the “Movement of Justice” to go to the upcoming local elections. The office will be open, daily from 10:00 to 14:00, except Sundays.

“What we want is to emphasize that we have provided the technical conditions for the continuation of our joint struggle and that we have opened the door for all of you, disenfranchised and eager for Justice. We have proven our determination and commitment to the fight for Justice, and we continue with the same goal. Now we give you the opportunity to join us and start new battles together, until the final victory of Justice over injustice! ” said party president Ozren Perduv.

Phone numbers and email addresses are available for all information, questions and suggestions.

“Justice Movement”

Address: Slavka Rodića 1, Banja Luka

Phone: 051 / 265-399; 065 / 029-858.