Ozren Perduv: “We will be even stronger!”

Ozren Perduv, Justice for David activist and president of the political party Justice Movement, was a participant in the third international conference Justice for David entitled “Anti-Corruption Campaign and Raising Public Awareness of the Prosecutor’s Office in Republic of Srpska”. The conference was held on October 30, 2021 in the conference hall of the Hotel “Jelena” Jovana Ducica 25, Banja Luka, starting at 10:00.

Let us remind you, the political party “Justice Movement” was founded at the end of 2019 by a part of human rights activists “Justice for David”.

Apart from Ozren Perduv, the conference panel discussion was attended by Davor Dragicevic, Justice for David activist from Banja Luka, Diana Radovic from the Center for Civil Initiatives in Sarajevo, Eric Larson, international prosecutor and anti-corruption expert, Sarajevo Anti-Corruption Office, Dejan Lučka, from the Banja Luka Center for Human Rights, Ifet Feraget, lawyer, Zana Gauk, journalist, Zurnalinfo, Srdjan Blagovcanin, Transparency International BiH. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. dr. Danijela Majstorovic, University of Banja Luka, then representatives of the citizens’ association Path of Justice ”and numerous activists from Justice for David.

After a short presentation on “Knowledge of the work about the Prosecutor’s Office, the degree of institutional trust and perceptions of corruption”, a panel discussion followed with open questions about the possibility of greater involvement of civil society in problems regarding judiciary.

Perduv points out that one of the main questions is how to animate people to become aware that they are the key to the solution and how all the power is actually with the citizens. The main thing we need to point out is this appeal. We all gathered because the monstrous murder of David Dragicevic happened. Ozren points out that he is afraid that the critical mass is not large enough, but he hopes that with such and similar activities we will be able to animate the citizens.

As Ozren points out, Pribe’s report states that there is no trust in the judiciary, and that was shown by the research conducted by the activists from the association “Path of Justice”.

“Believe me, I was in some of those towns, the citizens have absolutely no trust, they don’t trust anyone. Prosecutors are the people who have the greatest power in a society. ” – emphasizes Perduv.

“It will soon be four years since we started all this. Believe me that sometimes I am disappointed because so much has been done, so much energy and time has been given and none of the concrete moves have been made. Absolutely, Pribe’s report says everything, how it should be done, what should be done. The biggest question is “Who should be doing it?” Even then, we commented on who would implement those reforms, Milan Tegeltija perhaps, fortunately he is no longer in that position. He was at the head of the HJPC at the time and said that he would implement the reforms from the Pribe report. Well, because of Milan Tegeltija, that report was written and now we expect him to do it. Fortunately, he is no longer there, but the question is who are the other people who remained in the HJPC. I know that the initiative came from the Memic family, to remove all members of the HJPC, which is logical because they all participated in decision-making and I know that when the current affair called “horseshoeing” was active, he had the unanimous support of the HJPC and it is even stated in Pribe’s report that it is unbelievable that everyone supported Tegeltija in the HJPC regarding this affair.

His report states that there is no trust in the judiciary and this was shown by a research that was done for 6 months. Believe me and I have been to some of these towns, the citizens have absolutely no trust, they do not trust anyone. Prosecutors are people who have the greatest power of a society, and what has it all come down to here. You have people like Gordana Tadic, Ranko Debeljac, Milan Tegeltija who is now the past in terms of justice but has become the present in some other context. When I mention Gordana Tadic, Mr. Ifet Feraget can say much more about it, but I was horrified by the video that was published, where she and her deputy are sitting with a man who is being investigated at that moment and chatting. They chatted for over an hour over coffee and at one point Gordana says:

“Osman, is your diploma valid?” I mean, it’s a real scandal and you can’t believe it. In the same conversation, her deputy states that they do not deal with high corruption at all. This is also stated in Pribe’s report that serious forms of crime and corruption are not prosecuted in BiH at all. This was only confirmed by the deputy in that conversation, and it is something that really does not give you any security, namely, what kind of security they will give us. Today, during a guest appearance on N1, journalists asked me if politics and politicians have any influence on judiciary. That is an unnecessary question, and the answer to that question is more than clear. I gave one example, don’t want to talk about politics, but l will just say it is a BiH official. You know how many of us, Sofia knows and all those who are at the core of Justice for David, how many times we were invited to informative talks because of stupidity, where did you stand, did you have a gathering, etc. Let’s not name him, we now have a politician who makes such statements and no one even invites him to any informative talks to see what the intentions of that man are, where is he going and to warn him about possible sanctions he may suffer.

This is what Davor said to all of us upon his arrival: “Europe will not help us”, that is, perhaps better said, Europe will not solve our problems. We need to solve them ourselves. I guess the institutions of this state, the entity, are expected to initiate solutions. So I say, shouldn’t that man have been arrested by the state authorities, warned, etc. We invite some foreigners there, we go to the surrounding countries like Serbia and Croatia, and with the presidents of those countries we try to solve the problems in our country. Doesn’t that show enough where we live and what kind of social justice we have here. “- Perduv emphasizes during the conference.

“I have to admit that the police helped us a lot to stay alive today because they actually did a completely opposite thing with their desire to suffocate us and put an end to all this. I’m just telling them to keep going because we will continue to live and be probably even stronger until their full end. ” – Perduv added at the end.

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