Ozren Perduv was acquitted for the TWELFTH time

I finally received a verdict for the event of 09.05.2020 last year (Victory Day over fascism).

The Ministry of the Interior charged me with violating some anti-epidemic measures. They said then that there could be a maximum of three in the group, and there were more of us. They said in court that they were watching BNTV and then they saw that we had committed an offense. The trial was held on August 30. this year.

The verdict arrived today. This is the TWELFTH time that I have been acquitted of responsibility for the alleged violations, and in connection with Justice for David. This verdict will be another piece of evidence in the lawsuit due to the continuous discrimination that I will soon initiate against the RS Ministry of the Interior.

Thanks to lawyer Dragana Stanković for representing me!

Justice for David!

Justice for All! – Ozren Perduv wrote on his Facebook profile.

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