Ozren Perduv released for the second time for shouting “Justice!”

For the second time, the honorable judge Ines Colic acquitted me of misdemeanor responsibilities at the retrial due to the shout of “Justice!” – said Ozren Perduv.

This is her comment on the gatherings inside the courtyard of the Temple of Christ the Savior and on the double steps of the organs of disorder. A review of trumpeters and high school graduates.

In addition, the place of the offense is vaguely described, somewhat tendentious, as a place that is “inappropriate” for peaceful gathering, and the Temple is a place where people gather peacefully every day. Judge Ines Colic also wrote that it was not clear why such a place, like the Temple, would be suitable for trumpeters and high school graduates, and unsuitable for a peaceful gathering of a group of citizens seeking to resolve the case of the death of their fellow citizen. Due to all the above, the court found that the actions of the defendant did not constitute a misdemeanor and thus he was acquitted.

Thanks to the judge once again for doing her job honorably and for showing that she is on the side of justice.

Thanks to the lawyer Milan Malesevic who represented me.

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