Ozren Perduv for BHRT: 1200 days of crimes without punishment, today a new protest walk of the Justice group for David

An informal group of citizens, Justice for David, gathered for the first time on Krajina Square in Banja Luka 1,200 days ago, seeking justice and the truth about David Dragicevic’s death. Ozren Perduv from the group Justice for David was a guest of “Morning for All”, and announced a new protest walk in Banja Luka for today at 5.30 pm.

“We always try to make a little bigger event, a bigger protest every hundred days. So even today, we plan to organize a peaceful protest walk on the occasion of 1200 days. It should start at 5.30 pm at the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas rivers, where the lifeless body of David Dragicevic was found. Unfortunately, 1,200 days have passed, and there is still no truth or justice. “We say that this is 1,200 days of covering up the murder, 1,200 days of crimes without punishment,” Perduv said.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina formally opened an investigation into the case on Monday. Perduv says that things are changing for the better, and points out that “a new history is being written” when it comes to Bosnia and Herzegovina. justice.

“Suzana Radanovic, the mother of the murdered David, gave a statement to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH as a witness on July 5. The Dragicevic family is encouraged. Neither Suzana, nor Davor, were ever summoned by the District Public Prosecutor’s Office, they went to the acting prosecutor in Banja Luka after four months to say that they also had something to say. Fortunately, the story is different in Sarajevo. We trust the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, Suzana is encouraged by what she heard in Sarajevo. The desire of the prosecutors is to do everything thoroughly, in great detail, and we believe that we will soon have concrete results, as we have in the Memić case, “said Perduv.


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