Our Heart for David: Supporting the Justice Movement

The New Left, a parliamentary party and a member of the green-left bloc in the Croatian Parliament, sent a message of support from Zagreb to the green-left Justice Movement from Banja Luka.

The Justice Movement is a political party formed from Justice for David, an activist initiative of the citizens of Banja Luka and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which aims to reveal the truth and achieve justice after the murder of Banja Luka teenager David Dragičević.

The Justice Movement presented itself as a political organization completely different from all previous parties in the Republika Srpska as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina – announcing an “uncompromising fight with the regime” against which they rose.

The New Left shares common values ​​and goals with the Justice Movement – the struggle for the common good and public interest and responsibility in public affairs, for the protection of public property and the environment, the rule of law, human and minority rights, anti-fascism, equality and solidarity.

For more than 1,000 days, the citizens of Banja Luka and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been protesting against the unpunished murder of David Dragičević. In their struggle, they can also count on the support of the New Left – because justice for all will be the outcome of our common political struggle that knows no state borders.


Retrieved from: New Left

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