In your response to the invitation to participate in the Public Debate, “Open about the Prosecution”, you, as the former Chief Prosecutor of the Banja Luka District Public Prosecutor’s Office, are trying to justify your work and the work of other prosecutors in the David Dragicevic case.

As a prosecutor, you claim that there were mistakes and thus obstructions by authorized officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska. But that there was no obstruction by the prosecution.

As evidence for this claim, you cite the fact that an indictment was filed against two technicians of the Ministry of the Interior for destroying evidence. That is, throwing the underwear of the late David Dragicevic.

It is true, Mr. Lepir, that you filed an indictment against two technicians of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republika Srpska, according to which nothing concrete has been done for three years since then. But it is also true that the two technicians directly accused their superior (Inspector Sinisa Kojdic) of ordering them to throw evidence and thus together with them he committed the serious crime of complicity in covering up crimes.

Your prosecution has issued an order to suspend the investigation against Sinisa Kojdic. Isn’t such a decision, Mr. Prosecutor, a direct obstruction to solving the case of the murder of David Dragicevic?

Apart from the obstruction, how can you, Mr. Prosecutor, explain that you have not arrested, questioned and indicted Djordje Radjen for three years for complicity in planting evidence that was supposed to support a false theory about the accident. You yourself admitted that it is indisputable that David was not there that night, nor did he rob Djordje Radjen’s house.

In his report, the coroner on duty wrote and signed that no objects were found at the place where David Dragicevic’s body was found. That is, his pockets were empty. Subsequently, items originating from the alleged robbery of Djordje Radjen’s house were allegedly found in David’s pockets.

Mr. Lepir, why Radjen was not arrested, accused and convicted for making a false statement with the intention of covering up the crime. And why was he not questioned about the circumstances under which he apparently gave his personal belongings to someone from the Ministry of the Interior. These items were subsequently planted next to David’s body. So you failed to find out to whom Radjen gave the disputed items and thus resolve the case.

What is it, Mr. Prosecutor, if it is not an obstruction?

You failed to file an indictment against the participants and those who ordered the shameful press conference. and to question them on the circumstances which led to such shame and embarrassment as should have led the investigation in the wrong direction. Mr. Prosecutor, that is a crime if you didn’t know.

What is it, Mr. Prosecutor, if it is not an obstruction?

You failed to interrogate a number of state officials and members of the Ministry of the Interior who publicly made allegations that later proved to be false.

What is it, Mr. Prosecutor, if it is not an obstruction?

There are many more obstructions by you and your prosecutors, Mr. Lepir, but this will be discussed in the state prosecutor’s office, so they should not be mentioned here. Mr. Lepir, not that there was no obstruction by you and your team, but the word obstruction can be freely added as your middle name. You will be remembered as a dishonest prosecutor and a member of the justice system.

Zelimir Obstruction Lepir.

Whether it is panic fear or blind allegiance to one ideology and one man, you will never be able to absolve yourself of responsibility or erase the stain from your name.

There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness

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