Open letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska on the occasion of Police Day of Republika Srpska

We would like to congratulate the Police Day to the members of the Ministry of the Interior, who showed in the most difficult moments that the fight against crime is possible and successful only if it is not in their own ranks. We would like to express our regret over the inability of honest members of the police to deal with the corrupt and illegal actions of their colleagues who, by their actions or inactions, caused immeasurable damage to the reputation and honor of the Republic of Srpska police.

We are sorry that someone did not appear in the police who will react to the illegal and illegitimate actions of their colleagues, when it comes to the disappearance and finding of David Dragicevic’s body, compromising evidence, illogical and unclear statements about the case itself.

Press conference held by the police on March the 26th 2018 will forever remain the biggest stain on the police badge of the Ministry of the Interior. The only thing that discouraged us as citizens more than the mentioned press conference is the fact that no one from the police came out and demanded the responsibility of those who presented, as will be proven later, untruths and lies about the movement and death of David Dragicevic, as well as attempt to criminalize David Dragicevic.

After this attitude of the members of the police towards the late David Dragicevic, a new shock followed for all of us.

The attitude of the police towards the Justice for David group.

It is a sad and painful fact that the police officers, led by Minister Dragan Lukac, tried to criminalize Justice for David, just as they did with the late David.

From the group that is looking for the truth about the murder of David Dragičević, the Ministry of the Interior, presented this group of citizens in all ways as an extremist group that endangers the lives of its fellow citizens.

Everyday arrests, persecution, summonses to hearings, misdemeanor and criminal charges have become commonplace for people who until then had no problems with the law, who were honest and exemplary citizens of Banja Luka and the Republic of Srpska.

We cannot help but remember the arrests of Bruno Batinic, Zeljka Skenderija, Ozren Perduv, Sofija Grmusa, who asked only one question in the main town square. Who killed David?

Also, we want to remember the painful scenes from 25th to 30th of December 2018 when a group of angry, gloomy and armed police officers went to the main square, the capital, to use excessive physical force to stifle any memory of the murdered David Dragicevic, removing flowers from the square, as well as the arrest of father Davor and mother Suzana.

In this way, we intend to wish honest members the courage to clean their ranks of corrupt and criminal colleagues who cause damage to both the Ministry of Interior and the entire Republic of Srpska by their actions or omissions.

We wish you that Dragan Lukac, Darko Ilic, Darko Culum, Zeljko Spasojevic, Sinisa Kojdic, Mikica Marjanac, Zoran Bosnjak, Nemanja Repajic, Miso Volf, Sinisa Kostresevic, Dubravko Kremenovic, Marinko Matijevic, Zarko Cvijic Marija Markanovic, Danijela Mučibabić and the like will never happen again.

We hope that by the next Police Day, we will have much nicer messages, which will give us, but also all the citizens of the Republic of Srpska, hope for a better tomorrow, with a fair respectable police.

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