One makes a vow…

One makes a vow that it will not cry anymore, that it will not shed a tear anymore because it knows that the person he or she is mourning would not like to see tears on their face. And it works…

A couple of days pass without tears, with a smile that also hurts, but the man restrains himself and does not cry. And then he stumbles. One finds a picture, a gift, something that belonged to beloved one that is no more and they would give everything if he or she was there.

And then all the pain came out through the tears, all that was hidden. Even the sky sometimes cries for those who left too early and where no man ever wants to go. Regardless of the fact that some hearts no longer beat, we will love and cherish them forever as the most beautiful memory of our lives, and we will shed a tear whenever we remember them.

He is there, in our prayers, in our hearts, so can he be any closer?

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