On this day young artists from the Dis Theater performed a play in support of the Dragicevic family

We cannot forget and also we have to mention the numerous contributions in the fight for truth and justice regarding the suffering of David Dragicevic, which was numerous in 2018.

On this day, exactly 3 years ago, a play called “BETWEEN 4 WALLS” was performed at the Dis Youth Theater in Banja Luka.

Today, after three years, it is nice to remember the support of young artists on April 11th, 2018. We would all be even happier if all those young people who were supportive once to join the same those citizens nowadays who still stand there every day. Considering that the circumstances of David Dragicevic’s suffering do not differ from that day, today, on April 11th, 2021. on the 1113th day at 18:00, a group of citizens will be at the same place where they were on April 11th, 2018 .

Even today, they will remind the institutions primarily to do their job, but also the citizens that David Dragicevic disappeared from the center of their city, a young man of only 21 who was found dead after 6 days and no one has yet been held accountable for his murder.

The gesture of young people in 2018 has not been forgotten. Thank you very much young actors. The gesture of citizens who have been seeking only justice for David for 3 years will remain recorded in our hearts and especially in the history of the city of Banja Luka. Something like this has never been seen in this area before. That is why we are continuing even stronger and more united.

Until the end!
Justice for David!

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