On this day 3 years ago, the first big gathering “Justice for David” was held

On this day three years ago, the first large gathering of “Justice for David” was held. Unfortunately, not the last one. On that occasion, several thousand people gathered to support David’s parents, who came to Krajina Square every day until that day and begged the institutions of this country for answers. We felt a civic obligation to support parents who turned their pain into a struggle.

Certainly, the nature of that gathering gave additional strength, motive and energy for further struggle. The fact that nothing significant has changed since that gathering speaks volumes about how disturbed is the system we live in, which consists of privatized and alienated institutions. There were no resignations due to moral responsibility, let alone prosecution of those responsible. Responsible for the crime, but also for the actions after the crime. Unfortunately, several more mass gatherings that followed did not lead to either the discovery of truth or justice.

However, all this time, the regime has constructed the most terrible lies through its media, both about the Dragicevic family and about the people who support them. “Justice for David” was exposed to the worst media lynching with the aim of satanizing a group of people and presenting them as mercenaries, traitors and destroyers of the Republic of Srpska. The end result of the fight to reveal the truth about the murder of David Dragicevic is the criminal and misdemeanor prosecution of David’s parents and a large number of people who support them.

Thus, fighters for truth and justice have become a problem to the society. That fact alone speaks about volume of the perversion of the ruling regime in our country. The regime proved to be the greatest enemy of its people. Today, Krajina Square is banned for all those who are recognized by the regime as members of the group “Justice for David”.

We are sure of one thing, I can do as I want, but not as long as I want. We will do our best to change that. We have not stopped our fight or given up on it. It is only a matter of days when we will be on the Krajina Square again, freely, without discrimination.

“Movement of Justice”! Uncompromising to the end!

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