OLGA PANTIĆ – corrupt judge of the District Court in Banja Luka

Many of you know that dishonorable members of the police issued almost a hundred misdemeanor warrants for shouting “Justice” and “Justice for David” to “Justice for David” activists at the gates of the Temple of Christ the Savior. They claimed that these shouts disturbed public order and peace. Numerous trials have been held and in all proceedings people have been acquitted of any misdemeanor liability.

The interior ministry regularly appealed each of those verdicts. However, the District Court dismissed each of these appeals and upheld the first-instance decision. After all, for the first time it happens that the District Court accepts the appeal of the Ministry of Interior, annuls the decision of the Basic Court and returns the process to the beginning.

Judge Olga Pantić claims that the disturbance of public order and peace happened by indecent behavior (shouting) in a place provided for silent prayer.

Justice for David activists investigated information about Judge Olga Pantic and her husband, a lawyer.

“Lawyer Nebojša Pantić from Banja Luka, according to the latest official data, has collected nearly 400,000 marks from the budget in the last six years, based on ex-officio representation, of which about 290,000 marks from courts located in the Banja Luka region. Pantić is in a godfather relationship with Vitomir Popović, a former dean of the Faculty of Law and the Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who has been one of the most influential people in the Republika Srpska judiciary for years.

It should be emphasized that the figures, both for him and for his other colleagues, do not include the amounts they received from the Banja Luka Basic Court. “

It is now clearer to everyone why Judge Olga Pantić ruled in favor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska.

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