The united criminal organization, which pretentiously calls itself the judicial system, today played its last move in the play Bruno Batinić and the Criminals.

Bruno Batinic was brutally and without reason beaten and arrested in the center of Banja Luka in June 2019. The lawyer of the injured party Batinić, Jovana Kisin, filed a criminal complaint against at least seven corrupt members of the MUP for that monstrous act. This is due to unlawful deprivation of liberty, excessive use of force and obstruction of the provision of legal assistance to the injured party. The District Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed an indictment against four members of the Ministry of the Interior for this serious crime.

And so the illusion of lawful action of this corrupt prosecution was skillfully made. However, the Basic Court in Banja Luka refused to confirm the indictment of the Banja Luka District Prosecutor’s Office. And in that way, it shows all the misery and all the hopelessness of the judicial system in RS and BiH. In this case, did the Basic Court take on a leading role in covering up the criminal activities of the RS MUP?

Or did the District Public Prosecutor’s Office make such a senseless indictment that such an indictment could not be confirmed? That remains to be seen in the coming days. In any case, both scenarios are realistic and possible.
The judicial system has once again shown its commitment to protecting crimes, to the detriment of citizens who are still wondering WHO KILLED DAVID.

Nothing new in the ghetto. The law of the jungle still rules in the ghetto. The law of the arrogant and the law of the stronger. Someone will be held accountable for this shameful move by the prosecution and the court. Let them be sure of that.
There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness

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