No answer for three years, but the citizens do not give up

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Who is responsible for the death of David Dragičević? There has been no answer for almost three years. Although in recent years, members of Justice for David tried to put pressure on the authorities to investigate the case, organized protests and daily gatherings on the streets and squares of Banja Luka, there is no progress. However, the citizens are not giving up.

David’s heart again on Krajina Square. On the occasion of the birthday of the young man who was killed, dozens of members of the Justice for David:

“We are going to the end. “Until the accomplices and murderers of David Dragičević are closed, we will not give up.”

Twenty-one white and three red balloons were released into the sky. The whites symbolize the twenty-one years that David Dragičević was, and the three years that have passed since the family and citizens asked him to clarify the circumstances under which he died.

“This is an ideal opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina institutions to show that they are serving the people and that there is a rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Davor Dragičević, David Dragičević’s father.

David disappeared on the night of March the 17th-18th and his body was found at the mouth of the Crkvena River in Vrbas on March the 24th. The police characterized this as an accidental death.

“At number 11, there is a house where a burglary was committed that night, and the camera is still filming the person returning from the house. During the discovery of David Dragičević’s body, objects originating from this house were found “, said Darko Ilić, former head of the Department for Organized and Serious Crime (March the 26th 2018).

Ilic also said that before the theft, David ate a burek, and after the theft, he fell from the bridge into Crkvena and characterized it as an accidental death. Citizens, indignant at the scandalous statements of the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, started looking for truth and justice on the Square.

After almost ten months, the authorities decided to deal with members of the Justice for David.

That night, David’s father Davor also left Banja Luka, and two months later the young man’s body was transferred to Wiener Neustadt near Vienna. Months later, court proceedings were conducted in which, according to police reports, members of the group were accused of obstructing public order and peace, and obstructing an official in the performance of official duties. Everyone whose trial has come to an end has been acquitted.

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