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Live, 10. MAY 2020. Suzana Radanović: “For a start, I would like to inform you all about the new website we have created, the link has been published, a lot of our human rights activists has worked on the new site and it has been made in three languages. At the top are your options for our language, English and German. For now, the site contains basic information about everything that happened.

The link to the application form has also been published and is available in all three languages. According to the laws of the European Union, we must follow the data protection procedures, so that you will first get a form of data protection that you must read and agree to the conditions. Once you agree to the terms of data protection, you will receive an access form to fill out. When you finish joining, you will receive a thank you email confirming that you have become a member, if you do not receive the email it means that you did not fill in the information well and try again. If you have any problems with access, contact Jelena or Sofia. Please check your e-mail well when typing on the application form, because we had a lot of problems there last year. Take good care and check the Spam category, because you must receive a thank you email as a confirmation that you are a member of our “Justice for David” associations. The application form unites the association in Vienna and our association in Banja Luka, so that the embers of “Justice for David” are all common and the same for the whole world.

As you know, the association in Banja Luka is called “The Way of Justice”, they did not allow the name of the association to be “Justice for David”. This Association also has goals and activities Vienna Association, and they work together. Report any technical or any other problems you may have to the administrators of Jelena or Sofia, please be patient when it comes to these technical details. The site also contains the most important information and current activities in “Justice for David”. You have an available chronology of events from the beginning, all new information about what is happening in “Justice for David” as well as the basic goals and activities of our associations. If any of you have any idea or suggestion related to the site, please contact the administrators, we are willing to cooperate.

One of the projects we are currently working on is a project to gather information on all unsolved murders of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina who were killed like David. Whose murders have been covered up by the authorities and are still unsolved to this day. In the case of the murder of my David, absolutely nothing is being done, the case is in the drawer, there is no investigation, we have not received any new information from the Prosecution. It is the same with dozens of other murders of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last twenty years. A huge number of children were killed in the most cruel way, and no investigations were conducted, the cases were declared accidental deaths, as they did for my David. Many parents of these killed children also came to the Square during the protests, I hereby ask all parents of the killed children to contact us to gather information we need. If you have any information about unsolved murder, if you know anything or have heard of such a thing, if you are like me, the parent of the murdered child, please contact our administrators Vladan or Jelena, or emails gerechtigkeitfurdavid@gmail.com or putpravde@gmail.com jelena@pravdazadavida.info, sofokle0310@pravdazadavida.info, to instruct you further in the procedure, you can also contact anonymously. Please, it is very important for us to gather as much information as possible about unsolved murders and every piece of information is important to us. These days, our team of justice has been working on a little happier things, so I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about First European Music Competition “The kid in the ghetto”. Association “Justice for David and all the Children of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Vienna, Austria in cooperation with the Association “Way of Justice” Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, are releasing a contest for the selection of new musical composition which are going to be published on the official “Kid in the Ghetto” musical compilation . The competition is open to all performers from the entire European continent, who have their own recorded music track (no matter the production quality). Track can be in any musical genre, as long as it is inspired by the life and work of David Dragicevic, a 21 year old student from Banja Luka, and the “Justice for David” movement in general. The jury, composed of local musicians who have been on our scene for years, will select the 20 best tracks to be found on the compilation. Quality of the text and vocal possibilities of the performers, as well as the representation of the topic of life and work of killed student from Banja Luka, David Dragicevic or the global “Justice for David” movement will
be taken as a main criteria.

In order to apply for the competition, you need to record and submit your demo song in mp3 format (author composition), which must not be longer than four minutes. You can send the song to the following e-mail addresses: gerechtigkeitfurdavid@gmail.com or putpravde@gmail.com with the main informations: name, surname, pseudonym, short biography of the band or solo artist as well as the contact telephone number. Application deadline is 31st of August 2020. The list will be published on the official sites of the organizers one month after the end of the competition and on the official pages of social networks. The list will include the names of 20 performers that are going to be on the compilation ” The Ghetto Kid ” which will have its digital release. The Competition brings the affirmation of the performer, whose tracks will be on the digital edition, live performances at the concert, which will be organized after the release of the compilation. It also brings collaboration with renowned performers and authors, and possibility to record and publish a solo album and many other benefits. We have also made The first international competition for amateur art photography “Justice for David”. Justice for David and All the Children of Bosnia and Herzegovina Association Vienna, Austria in collaboration with the Association “The Road of Justice”, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is launching an amateur artistic photography competition. The theme is “Justice for David”, which, among other things, implies a global movement of civic initiatives in the fight for truth and justice to the final resolving of the murder of the young student David Dragicevic from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Each participant has the right to send three photos on the given topic, until 31th of August 2020. Participants from all parts of the world can send us photografies. Photographs should be sent electronically to E-mail addresses: gerechtigkeitfurdavid@gmail.com or putpravde@gmail.com in JPG format, 2000 pixels on the long side 72 DPi. Name, surname, short description of photos and contact telephone number should be provided in the email. Each file must not exceed 5MB. The results of the competition will be announced one month after the competition is over on the official sites of the organizers, as well as, on the official pages of social media. The results will be followed by exhibitions of selected photographs in several different European cities and digital promotion.”

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