Muriz Memic commented on Alisa’s message on FB. It is only a matter of days..

Alisa Mutap’s message from February 8, 2016 was published last night on the Facebook page Justice for Dzenan.

That is the day when Dzenan Memic, who was attacked in Velika Aleja in Ilidza while walking with his girlfriend Alisa Mutap, . Only seven days later (February 15), Dzenan passed away.

“Never a reserve. Never another. All or nothing. Respect or goodbye “, Alisa Mutap wrote on FB at the time. This is a published message byAlisa Mutap on the day when Dzenan Memic was attacked

To comment on this statement, we contacted Muriz Memic, father of Dzenan Memic, who said words for the portal that he had already said.

“We had two funerals that day, Dzenan turned off his cell phone and did not respond to Alisa’s messages, and she posted that message on Facebook on that fateful February the 8th, 2016. I have already said that it was a matter of days when Dzenan would break up with Alice “, Muriz Memic tells us.

He underlined once again that Alice Mutap’s amnesia is a thing of the past.

“Alisa knows who attacked Dzenan and her amnesia is a thing of the past – after all, she never had amnesia. Alisa knows that, and so do her family members and the doctors who wrote it. It is not accidental that a sweater was cut in their house. Alisa Mutap must know that she was side by side and she is an accomplice in the murder of my son. Alisa Mutap must end up like her dad in custody “, added Muriz Memic for the portal.

It should be reminded that Zijad Mutap, Hasan Dupovac and Josip Barić, who are in custody, have been arrested so far.

It should be emphasized that the Memic family claims from the very beginning that Dzenan was killed, and that the KS Prosecutor’s Office filed a false indictment for a traffic accident with the then Chief Prosecutor Dalida Burzic. That is why the father of the young man, Muriz Memic, filed a criminal complaint with the State Prosecutor’s Office, which opened an investigation into organized crime in the Memic case after 11 months.


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