Muriz and Arijana after the hearing in the Court of BiH: Criminals will always say they are not guilty

A hearing in the case of Dzenan Memic was held in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina yesterday at 10 am.

The accused Alisa Ramic (Mutap), Zijad Mutap, Josip Baric, Hasan Dupovac, Muamer Ozegovic pleaded not guilty.

After the hearing, the father of the murdered Dzenan Memic, Muriz Memic, addressed the media briefly.

“We expected this, criminals will always say they are not guilty. This is an organized criminal group, ready to commit a crime, hide it and eventually deny it. A huge number of witnesses is planned in this case, but I am glad that I am the first to testify, they have already told me everything, “Muriz said.

According to Muriz, he found out from reliable sources that the investigation is going on, but that an investigation will also be opened for the murder, because the procedure at the FBiH Supreme Court was waiting to be completed.

Muriz also referred to the protests that will take place on September 11th in Sarajevo.

“The protests we are announcing for David and Dzenan are protests for all those who were killed and the killers were not discovered. This is no longer just my struggle, this is the struggle of all of us. We see that there is a large number of corrupt police officers, prosecutors, this is an opportunity for us to change the system, because we see how corrupt everything is, “said Muriz.

Arijana Memic, the sister of the murdered Dzenan Memic, said that she was not surprised that today everyone said they were not guilty.

“We are dealing with cowards and how can cowards act differently. Well, you see, there is only a statement in which Alice Mutap’s family says that those who killed Dzenan, that they tried to kill Alisa as well, and they don’t mention it anywhere now.

This must no longer be a fight of only our family and the Dragicevic family, because if the killers are not found, tomorrow we will have a new Dzenan, a new David “, concluded Arijana.

The legal representative of Alisa and her father Zijad Mutap briefly addressed the media after leaving the Court. She confirmed that both of her clients, as well as all the others in the indictment, pleaded not guilty.

“The first hearing that will be held will be for the reading of the indictment and at that hearing the parties will have the opportunity to give introductory words, we will use that right. Already at this moment, I can say that the whole concept of defense will be based on the evidence of the prosecution, “said Nina Kisic.

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