Ministry of interior VS. DAVOR DRAGIČEVIĆ The inspector (did not) threaten the girl during her testimony

The Ministry of Internal Affairs / MUP / of the Republika Srpska condemns the making of “false accusations of individuals and the media that police officers in any way contributed to the tragedy of David Dragicevic, ie sabotaged the concealment of the coverage of this case”.

The Ministry of the Interior of Srpska specifically refers to Davor Dragicevic’s allegations, which were transmitted by the media, that “police officer Gorana Recevic threatened a certain person with the aim of influencing his statement which he gave as a witness.”

A statement from the Ministry of the Interior points out that 22 police officers and five executives of the Directorate for Organized and Serious Crime and the Police Administration of Banja Luka were directly engaged in this case.

“Within this case, police officers took 88 statements from persons in the capacity of witnesses, conducted 40 informative interviews with persons about which official notes were made, performed polygraph testing of a large number of persons, performed video surveillance in Banja Luka based on which the movement of the deceased was determined. “On the night of the tragic suffering, David Dragičević, carried out the investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor, and duly documented everything and submitted it to the competent Prosecutor’s Office with the Report,” the statement reads.

The Ministry of the Interior emphasizes that every person who was heard as a witness was informed about his rights and obligations in terms of the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republika Srpska, which he confirmed with his signature on the record.

In addition to all that, it is added in the announcement, the request of Davor Dragičević was respected, which set a precedent, and the case was handed over to the jurisdiction and further work of the members of the Criminal Police Directorate.

“Following public appearances, as well as advertisements on social networks, we concluded that certain persons and groups, which were in the cases of the Ministry itself, used the tragic death of David Dragicevic to put pressure on the work of members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska,” he said. in the statement.

The Ministry of the Interior of Srpska also says that, regardless of all the pressures, they will continue working on all cases in accordance with their legal competencies.


Davor Dragičević: She abused an innocent female child

At yesterday’s peaceful gathering of citizens demanding that the death of young David Dragicevic be clarified on Krajina Square in Banja Luka, his father Davor Dragicevic said that he went to the MUP at around 11 am on Monday to get arrested.

“They ask me – what kind of arrest, Davor, are you crazy? So don’t even think about their statement, there is nothing wrong with that. Only they can be arrested, “Dragicevic said last night.

He repeated the names of the people he considers responsible for David’s death – Djordje Radjan, residents of the house of Velibor Janjetovic, Darko Culum, Dalibor Vreco, Darko Ilic, Dragan Lukac and Zeljko Karan.

“Inspector Gorana Rečević, who harassed an innocent female child for three and a half hours, in order for her to say that she did not see David Dragičević in Gospodska Street at the stated time. She threatened the child with a fine of up to 5,000 KM and imprisonment. As of today, I no longer participate in the investigation of the other team, I no longer give them any evidence, I do not give them a laptop, David’s wardrobe that I have, or anything else, “said Davor Dragicevic.

David was alive, he stated, on March 18, 19, 20 and 21. He also stated that the photos he looked at from the first autopsy, that David’s belt was unbuttoned after he was pulled out of the Church, turned on his side. The next photo was of David being turned on his back, but the strap was fastened with a clasp.

“I ask everyone in charge how this is possible,” Davor said, adding that next to David’s body were car tires that were supposed to ensure that his body was never found.

He stated that he would hold a conference in Belgrade on May 9, and a day later address the deputies in the NARS.

“I don’t expect anything from the gentlemen sitting there. But we are going to the end, truth and justice, we will fight for that “, said Davor Dragičević at the end of his address.

Due to yesterday’s address by Davor Dragičević in live, his Facebook profile was blocked for 24 hours for the first time.

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