Marking David Dragičević’s birthday

David Dragičević was born on January the 31st 1997. in Banja Luka. Davor Dragičević saw his son David for the last time on March the 17th 2018. around 7 p.m. David then said goodbye to his father and went to town. On the fateful night, he left his house for a night out, from which he never returned. After a six-day search on March the 24th 2018, David’s body was found at the mouth of the Crkvena in Vrbas. On the occasion of David’s birthday, Justice for David activists organized a series of activities.

Among other things, on Sunday, January the 31st 2021, at 4:00 PM, activists will gather at the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas, where David’s lifeless body was found. At the mouth, among other things, will be read some of the poems that David wrote.

At 5 p.m., Justice for David activists will visit David’s house. The text will be read at home and 21 white lanterns will be lit for as many of his years as he was when he was killed, 3 red lanterns will also be lit, symbolically marking the fight for his suffering in the past three years.

At 18:00, Justice for David activists will gather on Krajina Square, the place where his movements were last recorded. From that place, the activists will release 21 white and 3 red balloons that will soar towards the sky as a symbol of his years that he was with us and those that he was supposed to be with us. A dialogue whose content is full of emotions will also be read in the square.

Marking program:

Sunday, Jan 31, 2021 

16:00 – Usce Crkvene in Vrbas: reading poems;

17:00 – Dragičević’s house on Pobrđe: lighting a lanterns, reciting a text;

18:00 – Krajina Square, release of balloons and recitation of dialogue.

May there be Justice for David!

May there be justice for all!

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