March 8, Women’s Day, and Justice for David

March 8 is a day dedicated to women and their struggle for economic, political and social equality. Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1909 in the United States. Even today, 113 years later, women in the Balkans are not completely free. Very often they are dependent on men and their work is considered less valuable and they are paid less. Despite everything, women occupy a really important social position when it comes to the fight for human rights, the rights of the child and the family.

From the very beginning of the group Justice for David, women have been equal bearers of the struggle aimed at bringing to institutional justice those responsible for the murder and covering up the murder of David Dragicevic. And not only were they equal, but they very often took the lead and showed far greater courage than most men. We don’t want this day to be the only one where we think about women. But today we must pay tribute primarily to every honorable member of the Justice for David group. To every mother, sister, every woman who recognized the need and moral obligation to stand by Davor and Suzana and help solve the murder of David Dragicevic with her example and struggle. In that way, they are fighting for their families, but also for the survival and security of the entire society. Dear ladies, members and activists of the Justice for David group, you can rightly say for yourself that you are a lioness. Thank you.


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