Lost in the “Dragicevic” case

The author: Nikola Moraca

It is clear to the layman today that too many omissions were made in the investigation of the murder of David Dragicevic for all of them to be accidental.

Or we really have so many incompetent prosecutors and police officers, which is a little harder to believe, though.

The sloppy investigation most likely destroyed any possibility of fully shedding light on this crime that shook Banja Luka and the region.

When the wandering of the Banja Luka prosecutor’s office is added to that, in this particular case, we get a case that has created so much controversy that the question is whether anyone will be responsible for the murder of a young man from Banja Luka at all.

The responsibility lies with the Banja Luka Prosecutor’s Office, because they are the ones who are leading the investigation and to whom the Republic of Srpska Constitutional Court has already once drawn attention to wandering in a specific case.

The only trial that will see the light of day for now, and is related to the “David Dragicevic” case, is that of the criminal technicians of the Banja Luka Police Administration, Mikica Marijanac and Zoran Bosnjak.

They are accused of preventing evidence, that is, of knowingly and intentionally throwing the boxers of the murdered young man during the investigation.

During the trial of criminal technicians, it will be determined, among other things, whether the possible crowning evidence in the investigation of the murder of David Dragicevic was thrown intentionally in order to cover up the perpetrators.

The defendants will not benefit from the fact that they are forensic technicians with many years of experience, who know very well how to document material evidence, especially those found on the body of the injured party.

Because of all the above, they will be asked how it is possible for them, as experienced criminal technicians, to throw away possible crown material evidence, without anyone ordering them to do so.

However, what is in favor of the accused and what will be a real treat for their lawyers is the statement of the now former chief prosecutor of District public prosecutor’s office Banja Luka, Zelimir Lepir, that the disputed boxers were not even important evidence ?!

During the testimony, Lepir will have to explain how it is possible that the boxers were not important, and the prosecution filed an indictment for their disappearance.

In any case, the trial of the defendants for the first time will offer answers about a case that changed everything.

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