When the RS Ministry of the Interior was reinforced by pathologist Željko Karan on March 26, 2018. held a shameful press conference, it was clear to all but them that it was a cheap and poorly directed play for the public.

In their opinion, that play should have satisfied the family and the citizens of Banja Luka, but also closed the CASE OF THE MURDER OF DAVID DRAGIČEVIĆ. However, they made an effort, vaguely vaguely and nervously, to substantiate with “evidence” what was quickly conceived and prepared. So, as bad and poorly paid actors, they looked down and nervously broke their fingers, telling and proving a bunch of lies.

Even during the conference, it was clear to everyone with a little brain that they were lying and underestimating the intelligence of the family and honest citizens. And that very fact was the last straw and made the citizens say ENOUGH! This is the last thing you did. In the following period, the family of the late David managed to prove through official and legal expertise that all allegations from that conference were untrue.

To this day, no apology has been received, nor has the legal persecution of conference participants for covering up the murder. Just the opposite. They have all progressed and been promoted to more functions. As the protests of the group continued and became more and more massive, the nervousness began to creep into their ranks. It was this nervousness combined with the low intelligence of party cadres that led to a series of catastrophic moves that, according to them, were supposed to discredit the victim, the family, but also the group JUSTICE FOR DAVID

However, their every move was so desperate that even those who support them became clear that they were pointing out their own guilt. They hired a large number of fake and bribed analysts, quasi-experts who were given the media space of the public service, to satanize the family and the PzD group at any cost. Often putting a target on their foreheads, encouraging every loser to take violent steps, allegedly protecting the CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER. Because according to their interpretation of the constitution, it is a crime to demand that the murderers be arrested. The moment they realized that despite everything, the pressure and popularity of the group was growing, they decided to stop the fight by force. So, on December 25, 2018, they carried out a shameful action in which incredibly strong and heavily armed police forces brutally attacked citizens who only demanded respect for the law.

In this way, the Ministry of the Interior officially and openly put itself in the service of covering up crimes and lost all credibility and trust forever. Today, almost four years later, the RS Ministry of the Interior and the BANJA LUKA DISTRICT PUBLIC PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE. they still do nothing but persecute the parents and activists of the group. The case of the murder of David Dragicevic was taken over by the BIH PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE, but that does not mean the complete cessation of responsibility of the RS Ministry of the Interior and the OJT BL. Some of you must answer, gentlemen. In order to bring the case to an end as soon as possible and those responsible to be punished, it is important to put pressure on the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and let them know that there is no more time.

And you can help make that happen as soon as possible by daily and persistently demanding that the state authorities do their job, respect the constitution and the law.


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