Let us recall the illogicalities uttered exactly 3 years ago

Published on this day in 2018. Only a part of the illogicalities of which there are three times as many today. To repeat the illogicalities:

  1. The accusation that David robbed the house was later denied and it was not explained how the stolen items were “found” in David’s pockets!
  2. The girl from the video who sees the first person from the video face to face on the day of the robbery has not been questioned!
  3. Different times of death at the first and second autopsy ?!
  4. Temperatures of -12 degrees, which pathologist Karan claims was in Banja Luka at the time (and it was not), wouldn’t the sewage freeze on -12 ?!
  5. The possibility that David’s body floated through the center of Banja Luka for 6 days and no one saw him ?!
  6. Severe bodily injuries (autopsy photos), which are characterized as minor bodily injuries!
  7. In the video where “David” eats burek, the clothes David wore on the day of his disappearance do not match (the person who eats burek in the video has a light-colored jacket-sweater, light pants and light sneakers and David was dressed in dark jeans, a black jacket and brown shoes. Also where is the photo of that person entering the bakery and not just getting out of it ?!
  8. Police did not investigate the fight that was reported and took place near the metal school. Why Mrs. Jovanka Bosnjak gives a statement, and then she withdraws it and leaves the town ?!
  9. Why weren’t the people waiting for David in the square questioned and identified (David’s last shot and the time his phone went off), why wasn’t a group of 7 men carrying umbrellas in the last shot identified?
  10. Why were the recordings from the Raiffeisen bank that probably recorded the fight not found and seized? And where are those footage if they haven’t already been destroyed?
  11. Where did Karan do the analysis of David’s blood and urine if there is no apparatus?
  12. David with alleged marijuana + LSD + 1.5 PROMILE OF ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD walking normally around the town (the last video confirms, to their stupid regret, even the person who was filmed in the alleged robbery does not walk as drunk and drugged).

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