Željka Cvijanović asked for a telephone listing of her son and got it, and we did not get David’s

We are asking open questions to the general public regarding the murder of David Dragičević and all individuals for whom there is a reasonable suspicion that they were involved in the murder of David Dragičević.

“Answer to unasked questions from irrelevant “People”

You can call me a traitor, a foreign mercenary, a liar, a fraud, a bad wife, a mother … Say and write what you want, but you can’t suspect the murder of my David. I won’t let you do that.

You can say that everything is in agreement with Trump, black magic, aliens. To destroy the Republic of Srpska, not to be believers, to do everything for money. THE MURDER HAPPENED!!!!

You who interpret, with very little evidence and facts (as you were paid by Baja), what I am, who I am and who my child is, I have a few questions for you:

Why is the recording of a certain date and time from Raiffeisen Bank not excluded? (The wrong day was taken)?

Why do Milorad Dodik and Dragan Lukač come to our house (with thieves, drug addicts and suicides) to express their condolences?

Why didn’t the coroner, in the inquest, find ANYTHING in my child’s pockets?

How were the “objects” found at the autopsy?

How could it be said at the criminal press conference on March the 26th 2018 that LSD was found in David’s blood and urine when it is known that Željko Karan does not have devices for that analysis at his institute?

Why is Minister Dragan Lukač telling the same lies in the National Assembly and ordering Prosecutor Želimir Lepir not to conduct an investigation since there are no elements of a criminal offense?

Why is my child accused of robbing Đorđe Rađen’s house so that prosecutor Želimir Lepir would say that there was no robbery? Where did David get the items from Đorđe Rađen’s house?

Why weren’t the forensic technicians who threw the key evidence in the investigation prosecuted? Why was Siniša Kojdić, the inspector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska, who ordered the throwing of underwear, not prosecuted?

Why didn’t Dr. Željko Karan answer for the lies told? Why didn’t Minister Dragan Lukač answer for his lies? Why didn’t Darko Ilić answer for his lies?

Why is Filip Ćulum still walking around the city when it is known that he lied that he was not in Krajina Square on the night of David’s disappearance and when it is known that my child stated ” if something happens to me tonight, it is Filip Ćulum’s fault”?

Who are the guys from Krajina Square on the night of David’s disappearance? Why did Željka Cvijanović ask for a telephone listing of her son and get it, and we did not get a telephone listing from our David?

Why did Milorad Dodik offer scapegoats in the form of 2 inspectors + 2 witnesses?

Why is Inspector Siniša Kostrešević, who knows everything and has evidence, silent?

I would have a million more questions. but for starters, just these. As for Dubravko Kremenović ……… … read the text by Slobodan Vasković from October the 4th 2018, when his name was first mentioned. Is it mentioned that he is a possible killer? Why is this man, Dubravko Kremenović, not re-prosecuted, so let’s see who he is and what he is?

And once again: you can condemn my actions but NOT my child!!! And I will not calm down until justice comes to light, and the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world has just disappeared. When a child is lost in such a cruel way, there are no borders, no religion, no politics, no money! ”

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