While we are waiting for the decision to extend the detention of Hasan Dupovac and Zijad Mutap

Published on the Facebook page Justice for Dzenan Memic

What we have been thinking about since the end of yesterday’s hearing is the fact that prosecutor Cazim Hasanspahic stated during his presentation, and it is a notebook that was confiscated from Zijad Mutap during his arrest…

Namely, yesterday we learned that Zijad Mutap started writing in that notebook on February 9, 2016, on September 9th, 2016 at 5 am, we returned from the hospital. It was around that time that Dzenan’s operation was completed. We prayed to dear God only that the operation would be successful, that he would survive, that he would recover. That was the only thing that mattered to us in those moments.

During that time, someone was writing in notebooks, devising a plan on how to destroy evidence, hide the killers. Because of everything that Dzenan experienced that night, because of all those who already cared then that our Dzenan did not survive, We will not give up on that. Any new knowledge like this, gives us strength for the future. Never give up!


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