Suzana Radanović: This is Marinko Matijevic … another Lukac’s soldier

The mother of the murdered David Dragicevic posted on her Facebook profile another person who is linked to the cover-up of her son’s murder.

We are transmitting the announcement in its entirety.

This is Marinko Matijevic … another Lukac’s soldier.

Darko Ilic controlled the course of the autopsy through inspector Marinko Matijevic, who at the time was a member of the Organized Crime Directorate and worked in the drug department.

Matijevic appears in all key places during the period between 24th-31st of March, when maximum work was done to cover up the liquidation.

Ilic communicated with him about the course of the autopsy, as well as about the items planted into my David’s pockets, from the fake robbery of Djordje Radjen’s house, through an intermediary – his right hand man called Dubravko Kremenovic, who, beyond any reasonable doubt, was deeply involved in my son’s murder, as well as Darko Ilic.

“Marinko Matijevic, inspector of the Directorate for Organized Crime of the RS Ministry of the Interior, headed by Darko Ilic, gave a statement to the prosecutor-criminal Dalibor Vreco, on September 20th, 2018.

It is quite clear from that statement, when you see the dates that Matijevic states, that Darko Ilic could not have claimed at the press conference that he determined the movement of David Dragicevic, on the fatal night of March 17-18, based on video surveillance footage confiscated by the Ministry of internal affairs.

Matijevic states that they picked up the recordings on March 26th, and they were sent by the “immediate supervisor”, ie Dubravko Kremenovic, who carried out into action Ilic’s order to liquidate David Dragicevic.

Ilic could only get the video surveillance footage through Radjen or someone to whom Radjen gave them.

Matijevic, who, on Ilic’s orders, monitored what was happening at the autopsy on March 25th, so that his boss would constantly monitor everything that happened during the David’s autopsy, even claims in his statement that “Radjen signed a certificate of temporary seizure of certain items.”, ie video surveillance footages from the “Apartments Vesto” facility, owned by Vujadin Savanovic, as well as from the “MK” store.

He lives and works in Banja Luka.

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