Suzana Radanović: How many behind-the-scenes murders of Željko Karan are there?

The mother of the murdered David Dragičević, Suzana Radanović, posted her status on social media about Željko Karan:

“This is Zeljko Karan, better known as a butcher – a pathologist convicted of accepting bribes, pleaded guilty, convicted, pardoned.

There are several scandals related to him, but he became the director of the Institute for Forensic Medicine of the Republic of Srpska. His work colleagues refused to sign the findings with him.

He stated that the time of my son’s death was at 4am on March the 18th 2018. which the pathologist from Belgrade refuted at the autopsy and gave a time of 2-4 days.

In the explanation of the results of the second autopsy of my David, he stated that his colleague from Serbia was wrong because he did not take into account that the temperature in Banja Luka that day was minus 12 degrees, which can be seen from the attached as well as in the answer what temperatures were really those.

Nervous, he presented evidence at the press conference without the approval of the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the results of the toxicological analysis for which he did not have adequate devices, which he confirmed at the Inquiry Committee.

Please note that in addition to everything, there is no license to work!

We need to ask ourselves: How many hidden destructions has he gone through so far !?

He works and lives in Banja Luka under the protection of Milorad Dodik. “

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