Suzana Radanovic: Dragan Lukač is popularly known as Pickaxe

This is Dragan Lukac, the Republic of Srpska Minister of Police, popularly known as “Pickaxe” (he attacked a minor child with a pickaxe), the main “baja” (without his knowledge, no criminal act in Republic of Srpska, drugs, prostitution, murders – can be committed).

His statements regarding the murder of my David are:

-On March 27th, 2018, he comes to our house and explains how David robbed the house and JUST LIKE THAT jumped into Crkvena river and all that after eating burek.

-5/10/2018 in the non-national Assembly, he declares that David is a drug addict (without proof – proven to have lied) and a burglar. He explains how LSD is a cheap drug (at his dealers? !!).

-Declares that there are no witnesses in Velibora Janjetovica Janje Street. After a few months, a witness suddenly appears – Sladjana Maric (she forgot to fast due to stress)

-He orders Prosecutor Lepir that there is no criminal offense and that no investigation be conducted. Lepir disobeyed the order and acted conscientiously for the first time. After 100 days, he filed a lawsuit against N.N. persons for the murder of David.

-From December 25th to December 30th, 2018, he carried out terror on David Dragicevic Square. He sends police forces, special forces, to beat, persecute and arrest the people … among others, they arrest Davor and me.

-Files a lawsuit against Davor, Sofia and Ozren for endangering security. The Minister of Police fears for his life. If it wasn’t sad it would be funny. Against Sofia and Ozren, the lawsuit was dismissed, and Davor is still a threat to him

-In the Assembly slapped the MP. He bore no consequences.

The real master of life and death in Republic of Srpska is called Dragan Lukac, not Milorad Dodik.
Directly responsible for criminalizing the institution of the Ministry of internal affairs. He turned the police into a personal army that got out of control.
On Google you can look for how Ministry of internal affairs inspectors work as debt collectors, greengrocers, pimps to prostitutes, drug dealers, robbing money from the security van sector… Where is the guilt and responsibility for such a state of affairs?

They turned the republic into their own yard.
I could write about him for hours.
He lives and works in Banja Luka.

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