Muriz Memić: Prosecutor Hasanspahić under great pressure to stop the “Dženan Memić” case

Muriz Memić, the father of Dženan Memić, who died on February the 15th 2016 from the consequences of injuries that occurred seven days earlier (for which the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor’s Office could not prove how they arose even after two indictments), addressed the public late tonight.

Retrieved from: BUKA

Through a LIVE address on the social network Facebook, Memić announced that the public must be informed about the new information he came across.

“Prosecutor Hasanspahić is under enormous pressure to stop the procedure. I will inform the OHR and the US Embassy, ​​”Memić said, adding that he did not know how the pressure was being exerted. 

He thanked everyone who offered to help him, saying that he would not give up.

“I will be forced to organize protests if the pressure on the chief state prosecutor and prosecutor Ćazim Hasanspahić does not stop.” – Memić said in his address.

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