Mayor Igor Radojicic undertakes to pay the costs incurred in conducting the administrative-court dispute

District Court in Banja Luka, Judge Šukalo Sunita with the participation of Alma Ahmetović-Ramić as a recorder in the administrative dispute on the lawsuit of Perduv Ozren from Banja Luka, human rights activist “Justice for David” and president of the political party “Movement of Justice” against the City of Banja Luka represented by the Mayor Igor Radojičić in the case of communal treatment, removal of objects and things from the public area, passed a verdict:

The lawsuit is upheld and the disputed act is annulled. The mayor is obliged to pay the costs incurred in conducting this administrative-court dispute in the amount of 950.00 KM, which he is obliged to pay within 30 days of receiving this final court judgment.

The communal police issued a decision and ordered N.N. person on 08.04.2019. To remove the things from the mouth of Crkvena in Vrbas, signs of the death of a young Banja Luka student David Dragičević, a heart, flowers, a picture and two quinces, were collected.

The plaintiff, Ozren Perduv, challenges the legality of the decision, due to erroneous and incompletely established facts and incorrect application of substantive law. The acts of removing things near the Crkvena are not legal and lawful and are contrary to the laws of logic, customs and moral regulations. The decision of the verdict points out that the Mayor confirms that the communal police officer acted correctly. The mayor mentions the group “Justice for David”, an informal group of citizens who removed garbage, cleaned the shore and planted two rainbows, but, according to the mayor, they cannot be identified. The judge ruled in favor of Ozren Perduv, and to the detriment of the Mayor, a moral freak, Igor Radojičić.

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