Justice in transition – activating young people for reconciliation – “Be an inspiration”

Human rights activists of the informal group “Justice for David” and associates of the citizens’ association “Path of Justice” Banja Luka and “Justice for David and all the Children” Vienna, Austria, Sofija Grmuša and Marko Nikolić actively participated in the project “Bosnia and Herzegovina – animation Youth for Reconciliation – BE AN INSPIRATION ”. As part of the project activities, the workshop Justice in Transition was realized on Jahorina, June 19-24, 2020.

The project is implemented by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project was launched in late 2018. The project “Bosnia and Herzegovina: Activating Youth for Reconciliation – Be an Inspiration” addresses critical points in the reconciliation process in BiH, focusing on reconciliation and dealing with the past among young people, who are most vulnerable to ultra-nationalist narratives.

The project is dedicated to creating a higher level of understanding among young people about the different narratives of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina and building cooperation between young people coming from different ethnic backgrounds in the fight against ethno-nationalist rhetoric. The project consists of a series of activities that include working with high school students, students and young politicians, during which participants have the opportunity to learn about the processes of dealing with the past through lectures and practical simulations, and to apply their knowledge in the field through creative work, projects and actions.

Human rights activists “Justice for David” Sofija Grmuša and Marko Nikolić are participating in a series of workshops on human rights, freedom of expression and hate speech. They were introduced to the simulation of the trial, the writing of the submissions of the prosecution and the defense, the pronouncement of the verdict and the discussion of the verdict.

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