How Justice for David correctively influenced the work of the Prosecutor’s Office

Prominent activist of Justice for David, Edin Dino Puskar, wrote an article regarding the corrective impact of the activities of Justice for David on the work of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka. Justice for David, through its informal and especially formal actions, directed a series of activities that resulted in the initiation of a number of processes. Unfortunately, the process of organized murder of David Dragicevic has not started yet. We are transmitting Edin’s text in its entirety:

“There is a very small number of cases of major crime, including murders, which the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka led and carried out to its end from the end of the war until today. The very low percentage of resolved cases calls into question the seriousness of the work of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Almost no one has ever been held accountable for economic crime, and all such cases end up as media headlines that last for several days and will soon be forgotten.

What is particularly worrying is certainly the number of unsolved murder cases. Such cases in particular lead to public unrest, which results in a huge distrust of citizens in the judicial system. We can look for the reasons for the existence of such a ridiculous Prosecutor’s Office in the fact that the judicial system is under the control of political oligarchy.

The case that deeply shook the government, but also the entire judicial system of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is certainly the case of the murder of Banja Luka student David Dragicevic.

In the previous period, Justice for David, through the Association of Citizens “Path of Justice” Banja Luka and the Association “Justice for David and All Children of Bosnia and Herzegovina” from Vienna, intensified its activities aimed at resolving the murder of David Dragicevic.

All the activities that the parents of the murdered David Dragicevic and Justice for David activists have been undertaking for almost three years have led to great interest from the domestic and foreign public, media, organizations and representatives of the European Union.

This has led to a lot of pressure on the prosecution because it has already become clear to everyone that the Banja Luka District Public Prosecutor’s Office deals exclusively with the prosecution of petty criminals. While major crime remains unprocessed.

The role of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in the case of the alleged investigation into the murder of David Dragicevic is especially shameful. A real investigation has never been conducted. That is, all actions taken were aimed at covering up the murder case and amnesty for those responsible for the cover-up.

There is a clear example of the suspension of the proceedings against Sinisa Kojdic, the inspector who ordered the throwing of key evidence in the murder case. However, as public and foreign pressure increased as a result of Justice for David uncompromising fight the Banja Luka District Public Prosecutor’s Office and some prosecutors realized that this situation was not sustainable and initiated a number of proceedings related to the commission of serious crimes. As well as proceedings related to cases of persecution of Justice for David activists.

This is certainly another victory of Justice for David that leads to a safer and more just society. However, how fairly and professionally individual cases are handled will be shown when these cases come to court. Until then, Justice for David will continue and intensify all its activities, which will inevitably result in the arrest of those responsible for the murder of David Dragicevic.


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