Justice for David today in Sarajevo at the award ceremony for Ifet Feraget

On the occasion of marking the day of Sarajevo Canton, a Solemn Session of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton will be held today. Recognitions will be awarded on that occasion

It will be a great honor for me to be part of the solemn session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly tomorrow, together with my comrades-in-arms Sofija Sofokle Grmusa and Nina Merlina Ivic, in the name of Justice for David, at the invitation of Ifet Feraget. exceptional contribution to the Bosnian society in the field of justice, for the expressed responsibility and selfless commitment in the fight for truth and justice, and the preservation of legal and moral principles. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the presence of a larger number of people is not possible. A link for online monitoring will be available. Proud of Ifet! – wrote Ozren Perduv on his Facebook profile.

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