Justice for David today and tomorrow at the HJPC in Sarajevo

Today and tomorrow, the High Judicial Prosecutorial Council of BiH is holding the main hearing in the disciplinary case against the dishonorable prosecutor of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka, Slavica Matijas. As a reminder, on 01.12. last year few of us members of Justice for David were in front of the OJTBL building since that day the dishonorable Zelimir Lepir was retiring. We came with a big banner that said “Lepira, first to prison, and then to retirement!”.

On that occasion, the mentioned Slavica Matijas came out of the district public prosecutor’s office building and addressed us with the words – THESE CRIMINALS AGAIN. We immediately reported her to the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel. Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against Slavica. Today, Janko Testen and Stoja Vuckovac will be examined as witnesses, and tomorrow Sofija Grmusa, Merlina Ivic and Ozren Perduv. We expect the dishonorable Slavica Matijas to be adequately sanctioned!


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