Justice for David sent a complaint to Dragan Lukac regarding the answer submitted by the RS Ministry of the Interior, related to the request for access to information given on 12.01. In 2022, the father of the murdered David Dragicevic, Davor Dragicevic handed the request over to the LAUS Police Station, which refers to the monitoring of his movements by the RS Ministry of the Interior.

We emphasize that the information was not given within the legally prescribed deadline, and we also informed the Institution of the Human Rights Ombudsman in BiH.


We are addressing you on behalf of the Association of Citizens “Path of Justice” Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded by human rights activists “Justice for David” and the humanitarian organization “Justice for David and all children of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, and we appeal the response of the Ministry of Interior jobs (hereinafter MUP), received on 04.03. 2022

On 12.01. In 2022, the father of the murdered David Dragičević, Davor Dragičević, sent a letter to PS Lauš asking him to provide him with information related to his constant control of movements by MUP police officers. The night with 8.1. on 9.1.2022. year when police inspectors spent the whole night in a vehicle in front of his house, where they were around 8:30 in the morning. (Annex 1- Request for access to information dated 12.01.2022.).

In addition to the fact that you did not submit a response to the requested information within the legal deadline, we believe that the submitted information is incomplete and inaccurate. You state that there is no order to monitor Mr. Davor Dragicevic, and that members of the MUP do not inspect his house, and we have evidence that members of the police did so. We are sure that there is an order based on which you have followed and are following the movements of Mr. Dragicevic and members of the group “Justice for David” for the last four years, but you do not want to provide us with real information because you do not work transparently and in accordance with the law. We also believe that there is a great abuse of official position in the RS Ministry of the Interior. Unfortunately, there are currently no institutions in the country that will oppose this ridiculous system and prosecute dishonorable members of the police, but our UG, among other things, is committed to establishing the rule of law and eliminating corruption within institutions to finally make the system work properly.

You state that the RS Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with the competencies established by law, performs regular tasks in order to protect against endangering the order established by the Constitution and endangering the security of Republika Srpska and protecting the LIFE AND PERSONAL SECURITY of citizens. and freedom, which is completely contradictory to what has really happened and is happening.

We remind you that in March 2018, Davor Dragičević’s son, David Dragičević, a 21-year-old student who was abducted in the center of Banja Luka, was killed. The case is still unresolved, and the killers and accomplices are still enjoying their freedom, thanks to your police.

The father of the murdered young man started mass protests, which followed as a reaction to the PRESS conference organized by the RS Ministry of the Interior on March 26, 2018, in which the most horrible lies about the victim and the suffering of the murdered young man were told. You, the Ministers, supported that press conference, and you also told a number of untruths about the injuries on David’s body. In addition, you asked the then Chief Prosecutor Zelimir Lepir to issue an expedited order not to conduct an investigation, and you justified the disappearance of David’s underwear, which was removed by crime technicians and inspectors to prevent evidence. We ask you if this is the way you protect the LIVES AND SECURITY OF CITIZENS?

In addition to the fact that members of your police were deeply involved in the murder of David Dragicevic, they persecuted parents who sought truth and justice, and people who supported their struggle. Your police illegally deprived us of our freedom, persecuted and discriminated against us every day, and everything was done according to your order and approval, so now we ask you if this is the way to provide equal protection to every person and citizen in exercising constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms?

The Dragicevic family’s basic human right, the RIGHT TO LIFE, has been violated because your police and the Banja Luka District Public Prosecutor’s Office have not conducted an adequate investigation into the murder of David Dragicevic for three years, as confirmed by the BiH Constitutional Court. lawyer Ifet Feraget in March 2019.

In April 2021, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH took over a case from the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Republika Srpska relating to several persons for acts against official duty that may be related to the commission of a crime against life to the detriment of the injured party David Dragičević, and assistance to the perpetrator works.

Parents of the murdered David Dragicevic

Suzana Radanović and Davor Dragičević

Sofija Grmuša, president of the association

Banja Luka, March 18, 2022

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