“Justice for David”: Lepir, we are mentally hurt by the fact that you and Vreco are free

A session of the Bar Association of the Republika Srpska is currently underway, at which it will be decided on the appeal of Zelimir Lepir against the decision not to be admitted to the chamber. Lepir stated in the appeal that the decision not to accept him hit him hard mentally. We are right in front of the Bar Association with a clear message.
We expect Zelimir Lepir’s appeal to be rejected!

Members of the group “Justice for David” left messages in front of the Bar Association of the Republic of Srpska, expressing their protest with the request of Zelimir Lepir to be registered as a lawyer.

The Banja Luka Bar Association has already rejected his request once, but the unscrupulous Lepir complained. His complaint is the fourth item on the agenda at today’s session of the Executive Board.

Slobodan Vaskovic

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