“Justice for David” activists removed the Heart from the Square

We have removed the heart because we are fighters for the rule of law.

Last night, the heart and the wooden fist that are symbols of Justice for David were removed from Krajina Square – David’s Square. We, group Justice for David did it for the first time, thus respecting the consent we received from the City Administration, which approved that the fist and heart can be on the square in the period from March 18th until April the 4th 2021.

From day one, we are legalists who only demand that murderers and accomplices be arrested and prosecuted. It wasn’t easy for us to do this last night. We are tied to that heart and song, which are symbols of our fight that has been going on for three years now. But as a group Justice for David, we are committed to respecting laws and regulations, and by our example we have shown how everyone in this city must behave. Yesterday was also the anniversary of the first funeral of our David. Three years have passed and the killers are still free. There is no truth! There is no justice! We are waiting for the law to be respected here as well. We continue with our started activities, which will undoubtedly bring justice to it. Justice for David, but also justice for all of us. We will return the heart to the square, be sure of that again. Thanks to the good citizens who approached. Thanks also to those who ignored. Both chose their own path. And we know our way. Let’s go to the end!


Dad and Mom will never be left alone.

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