Janko Testen “Half of Banja Luka and half of Sarajevo knows who killed David and Dženan”

Today at 12 o’clock in Sarajevo, the Request for the resignation of the President and all members of the Council of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina was submitted. The request was submitted by two citizens ‘associations: “Dženan Memić” from Sarajevo, founded by the parents of the murdered young man Dženan Memić, and the citizens’ association “The Way of Justice” Banja Luka, founded by human rights activist “Justice for David”.

Janko Testen gave a statement on behalf of the “The Way of Justice”: “For three years we, and five Muriz, have been struggling to show, to prove, that the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council is corrupt. Then we are being persecuted and accused for bringing evidence instead of prosecuting those who are protected by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council and Police Prosecution. It is a great shame for our country. Half of Banja Luka and half of Sarajevo know who killed David and Džennan. It is not our job to talk in front of the camera about who killed whom, “Testen said, calling on members of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council to resign.

Muriz Memić stated: “This is a crime in the judiciary. It is not the first time that the President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council has acted criminally, it is our duty to prevent them from doing so. My basic demand is the resignation of Tegeltija and the entire High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council. I blame Milan Telgeltija and other members who support him, they should have solved the murder of Dženan, David, Nadin Smajlović,”

Miljan Kovač, the president of  the association “The way of Justice” from the very beginning for our portal points out: “Corrupt judiciary is the weakest link in society in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the one with the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council and Milan Tegeltija at its head is the top criminal octopus in this country.

We from Justice for David and the citizens’ association “The way of Justice”, were best convinced of that in the case of covering up the murder of David Dragičević. The same is the case with the unpunished murder of Dženan Memimić.

If the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina did its job, murderers and criminals would have been prosecuted a long time ago, unfortunately that is not the case, so we have a situation where parents have been seeking justice for their criminally murdered children for years.

These are not the only unsolved murders and criminal acts that the judiciary has not prosecuted, but we believe that dispersing and prosecuting David and Dženan’s killers will bring down the very top of the criminal octopus, and only then will the conditions be created for this society to move to a better and safer future. We are aware, while such a High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, and Milan Tegeltija is at its head, that this will not be possible. The latest corruption scandal in which Tegeltija is a vocal actor also testifies to what a criminal person he is.

Of course, with his resignation or removal, the conditions will only be created for the judiciary to get rid of corrupt staff from the very top and to start doing its job in accordance with the law.

Justice is what the citizens of this country want most, because without the establishment of justice and a just state, which we do not have now, there will be no better life here. Without justice, there will be no new investment, no new jobs, no future, and young people will continue to leave their country in search of some safer and better place to live. That is why we will persevere in our struggle, because we are aware that Justice is for David and Justice is for Dženan, justice is for all of us and for future generations.

We call on all citizens to understand how important our struggle is, because we are fighting for all of them, even for those who are silent and suffer injustice, because in that way they will not change anything.”

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